ENT Shaver & Drill system

Highsurg 30 or highsurg11 has it 2 modes for shaver function, Oscillating and continues! When the shaver handpiece is used in oscillation mode, the number of oscillations per second of the shaver knife (number of changes of direction of the rotating knife per second) can change in 0.2-3 sec!

Shaver handpiece:
The shaver handpiece is generally used in ENT surgery, for example in the area of the paranasal sinuses, the nasopharynx, the larynx or the anterior skull base. Shaver knives scrape off bone or cartilage fragments and soft tissues that are removed from the treatment site by the suction tube on the handpiece. The shaver handpiece is thus equipped for the intended use with a Shaver knife, which is then driven by a suitable motor. The shaver handpiece may only be operated by qualified and trained personnel. This handpiece have ergonomic design for best performance .

ENT drill handpiece:
The handpieces in conjunction with a drive system and corresponding rotating instruments serve for milling, grinding and drilling in the area of ENT surgery. Handpieces may only be operated by qualified and trained personnel. Improper operation can lead to malfunctions. The intended use is obvious to the trained user. These handpieces designed in several size and length for best performance.