Neurosurgery (craniotomy system)

The reliable and versatile Neurosurgery HighSpeed Motor System for individual Control of Perforator, Craniotome and HighSpeed Handpieces . This system available with 2 different micromotors for Perforator/ Craniotome handpiece & high speed drill handpieces with 4 high performance mode.

Perforator handpieces:
This Cranial Perforator has a transmission ratio that allows a speed range of 80 up to 1200 rpm for optimal surgical results. The solid appearance reflects its everlasting, endurable craftsmanship, Made in Switzerland. The single use perforator drills, available in many different sizes and shapes, guarantee for safety and eliminate the costs for cleaning, reprocessing and resharpening.

Craniotome handpieces:
High precision and a sophisticated clamping mechanism makes working easy and safe. Different sizes of Duraprotectors can be mounted to suit all the surgeons needs. A design without gaps and grooves guarantee for good cleaning and disinfection results. Besides our existing drill design 2 further designs are now available as well.

Surgical high speed handpieces :
Nouvag high speed handpieces are applied in many medical fields. The high speed of 80,000 rpm and the subdivision in angled and straight designs, as well as the tool holder for 3 standard tool lengths have made them indispensable aids in every field of surgery. The ability to cool the instrument head and an efficient reprocessing are as self-evident as the much praised durability and quality which is inherent in all our products. The drive of the high speed handpieces is ideally carried out by our surgical motor system HighSurg 30 and the Electronic Motor 21.