about us

Tajhiz Gostaresh Kaveh (TGK) was established in 2012 with the aim of importing high-quality surgical instruments and medical equipment into Iran. In the early years of the company, our main focus was on the sale of these instruments and equipment on the general market. However, as time has progressed and we have gained experience, we have refocused on specialized importation and sales in the fields of neurosurgery, spinal surgery, arthroscopy and ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgery. This became our mission through the realization that the quality of the instruments and equipment in use in the majority of Iranian hospitals was not of a high enough standard. Our aim is to address and improve this situation for the benefit of both surgeons and patients alike. We have been working towards equipping even the remotest hospitals in the country with high quality equipment at affordable prices.

TGK has a highly qualified team, all of whom are professionals and specialists in their own fields, and in both hardware and software. This enables us to provide an excellent after-sales service in-house to our company, using all original parts.
Presently TGK are working with the following overseas companies:

  • Adeor Medical AG (Germany)
  • Nouvag AG (Switzerland)
  • Honer Medizin-Technik (Germany) part of MedTech Holding AG

Each of these companies use the latest technologies to develop the highest quality instruments and has an internationally recognized global reputation for excellence. TGK can deliver their products directly to their customers in the shortest possible time.
Additionally, TGK prides itself on our expert installation service for the equipment and instruments we import and sell. We conduct tutorials to teach our users how to make the most efficient use of our products. Our unparalleled quality and after-sales care have allowed us to work, to date, with over 150 hospitals and medical centers all over Iran.